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Entropy (En-Tropē) (2020)

Entropy (En-Tropē) (2020)

Guided text improvisatory work.


My Thoughts on Entropy:

The universe’s stars have all exerted their reserves of gas to burn. Large ones have supernova-ed or turned to black holes or neutron stars. Smaller ones have long since fizzled out and been sucked into other bigger objects. Even those bigger objects have lost their concentration of energy and all forms of energy everywhere are exactly uniform. Nothing else can ever happen anymore, because all particles have become so diffuse. There is a state of nothing, but something. Supreme sleep and peacefulness, in a state of no disturbances whatsoever. Eery, without sound, without light, without motion, with substances just being.


Can our substance be, in this way? Can our minds approximate this?


How often can you sense that your body lives in this realm of energetic exchanges?

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