Quit Your Job! (2022)

Quit Your Job! (2022)

“Quit Your Job!” is a protest piece for cello, piano and electronic track, specifically in reaction to the events that occurred in Halifax, Nova Scotia on August 18th, 2021, when Halifax police raided a complex of tents in which homeless people were living. The Halifax police officers chose to confiscate and destroy the personal property of these people – they destroyed their tents, threw away food, water and personal care supplies – assaulted the people living there, and brought in heavy machinery to bulldoze two wooden structures that these people had built by hand. I was living in Ottawa, Ontario at the time, where there is a significant homeless population, and where each year the city council’s budget approves more funding for police, city council salary increases, and luxury condo developers. I applaud the protestors who stood against this utter denial of humanity, and encourage more people to do the same in the future.


The actions of the Halifax police were, and still are, disgusting, abusive, and unnecessary. The ongoing housing crisis, coupled with wide spread income inequality in Canada, is the reason so many people are homeless, and the city of Halifax is equally guilty for sicking its police force on innocent residents with nowhere else to go. The only way to build a more compassionate, evolved and civilized world is to abolish policing as we know it.


This piece is in honour of homeless people everywhere, and in contempt of the police as an institution.

As the people once said: “Quit Your Job!”. The people were not able to defend against the police. Since we cannot bring everyone to the protest, it is my intent to bring this protest to everyone in concert.


100% of profit from score purchases will go to Shelter Nova Scotia.

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